my “new” sewing chair

I finished my upholstery class at modhomeec and my teacher featured me on her blog!!  So here is my finished chair

Taking the class has inspired me to look for some vintage chairs to re-upholster to complete my sitting area.  I did find a computer cabinet on craigslist to use as my sewing cabinet

I got the idea from Heather Ross in her book Weekend Sewing to use a computer cabinet for sewing:

We have been loving this Indian Summer we have been having.  Yesterday Bridget and her friend from next door played “ninja” with shields and swords. . .


animal friend (or lizard) carrier

There is a great new sewing shop in town call The French Seam.  They carry lovely designer fabric that you can’t get at Joanne’s.  I picked up this book by Oliver + S there and it is full of adorable things to sew for children.  My first project was the animal friend carrier.  I made one for Bridget and Paddy, but Paddy only wore his for a minute because he has no interest in stuffed toys.  He would probably wear it if I put a digger in it.

Notice the lizard in the carrier along with her zebra friend. My children both love (but especially Bridget) the rubbery, squishy reptiles and dinosaurs.  Target had all of them on clearance for $0.83 so we came home with several yesterday.  After I finished sewing her carrier, she wanted to carry her lizard around in it.  She also gave it about six baths yesterday.

Every time I went into a bathroom, the water was on and lizard was getting soaped up, he also went swimming in the pool and had sunscreen and lip gloss applied.  Most little girls would want to carry their dolls around, and I her put her American Girl doll in her carrier, but that lasted about 30 seconds. . .


Happy New Year

This is my new blog –  this is my first post!

A few pictures from our super amazing (If you’re under three anyways) New Year’s Party at my mom’s house.

She let the kids take all of the pillows of the couch and jump, and cut up newspapers to make confetti for them to throw!


I am in the middle of several craft projects- right now I am finishing three Christmas presents for my nieces and nephew in Argentina.  My niece loves Wonder Pets and I have to say Nick Jr. has some really cute craft ideas that we frequently try.  I tend to let Bridget watch Nick Jr. because it does not have traditional commercials on it, but they do run segments on themed activities and crafts that cause Bridget to run and find me to show me so that we can do them.  Anyways, I am making this for my niece  (my mom is going to Argentina at the end of the January to deliver all our presents)

A few notes about my changes to the craft. 

  • for the actual cape, I cut up a small mens t-shirt.  For older kids you can just leave the neck-band in place, but for smaller children, it could be dangerous, so I am cutting it and adding Velcro, so it could break away if needed
  • I also chose to sew the Wonder Pets logo in place.  Nick Jr. makes the crafts as easy and “no sew” as possible, but I find it is MUCH easier and more durable to sew than use fabric glue (although it is a great option for non-sewers)

I will post a pic as soon as I am finished!

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