Birdseed Valentine

This craft is not a new one, but we were inspired to make it because it was featured in Bridget’s Highlights magazine. I liked the idea that we were making Valentines for the birds, although you could make any shape that you wish, we made hearts.

1.  Cut out a cardboard heart, punch a hole in the center and thread it with a ribbon (we used pipe cleaners.)

2. Spread the heart with peanut  butter or vegetable shortening on both sides.  I let the kids start it, but I finished it.

3.  Coat both sides with birdseed.  I had a large bowl which perfectly held the heart without it touching the bottom, which made it easy to sprinkle and then flip it over, while limiting the mess. It did make quite a mess though, so do this craft the day before you mop the floor.

4.  We made three birdseed hearts, but I hung each one up outside immediately after each one was finished.  For the last one, I let the kids come with to hang it up.

5.  Now hopefully Those Darn Squirrels will let the birds have it!!








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