DIY: Lego Table

My children have just recently started to play legos.  Paddy got some duplo blocks for his birthday and in September I discovered a box of Patrick’s legos from when he was a boy and the kids immediately started to play with them.  Like most moms, I have a love/hate relationship with legos.  I love the time and creativity children use when playing with them, but I hate “the dump.”  I got very tired of constantly picking up and stepping on legos in Bridget’s room so I decided we should move them to the basement playroom, so if they get dumped, I don’t need to pick them up immediately.

Our neighbors have this really cool lego table.  It is now $120, but when I priced it out a month ago it was$160, and I just did not want to spend that much on a lego table because while my kids enjoy playing legos, they are not lego crazy.  I figured there must be some sort of DIY table out there, given that it is just more or less baseplates glued to a table.  I found this great one from skip to my lou.  We bought the kritter table instead of the lack from Ikea, and used liquid nails instead of spray adhesive, which also was much easier.

We did a slightly different layout too, making roads down the middle, which neatly divides the table into four different building areas, so everyone can have their own space with boundaries.

The final cost of the project was $60.  The baseplates are pretty expensive and they were $35 alone.  We bought a more”expensive” table by Ikea standards, which upped the cost and the liquid nails was $5.  The big downside is it does not have the nifty storage that the other table had.  It wasn’t that difficult to make if you are a marginally crafty person, but again is it worth another $60 to get the drawers and not have to do it yourself – maybe.  Paddy totally noticed it did not have the drawers and asked where they were.  I think I may make or buy some mesh drawstring bags that I could attach to the side of the table for storage, but for now we have the bin that dumps.


For those we love that live far away, my children in their Halloween costumes:

BTW- Paddy refused to wear his adorable rocket ship costume on Halloween so we put an Argentina soccer jersey on him and went with it.
Bridget lost her ninja mask at zooboo because she kept taking it on and off and refused to wear her ninja weapons on Halloween, she was a peace loving ninja.



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