animal friend (or lizard) carrier

There is a great new sewing shop in town call The French Seam.  They carry lovely designer fabric that you can’t get at Joanne’s.  I picked up this book by Oliver + S there and it is full of adorable things to sew for children.  My first project was the animal friend carrier.  I made one for Bridget and Paddy, but Paddy only wore his for a minute because he has no interest in stuffed toys.  He would probably wear it if I put a digger in it.

Notice the lizard in the carrier along with her zebra friend. My children both love (but especially Bridget) the rubbery, squishy reptiles and dinosaurs.  Target had all of them on clearance for $0.83 so we came home with several yesterday.  After I finished sewing her carrier, she wanted to carry her lizard around in it.  She also gave it about six baths yesterday.

Every time I went into a bathroom, the water was on and lizard was getting soaped up, he also went swimming in the pool and had sunscreen and lip gloss applied.  Most little girls would want to carry their dolls around, and I her put her American Girl doll in her carrier, but that lasted about 30 seconds. . .



backyard camping

I am not a camper.  The few times we went camping as a family were very painful. I told Patrick early on in our marriage that the closest he will get me to camping is to stay at a hotel where the door opens to the outside. My husband, however, has fond memories of it as a child and promised Bridget that they would backyard camp this summer.  He woke up Friday morning and informed her (not me) that they would do it that night.  You don’t mention something like that to a four-year old and not keep your promise. Because we don’t have a backyard we set up “camp” at my parent’s house who fortunately live on 10 acres with woods, a creek and plenty of firewood.

Patrick proved to be a first rate camp-fire builder and it was the first time in years that I have had a smore!

Unfortunately he did not build the benches as well, and I sat down and broke the board clear through!

The best thing about camping out in the backyard, is that around 11 pm, when you realize that your four-year old is not going to actually sleep in the tent, you can take her inside and put her to bed.

OTHER NEWS: My baby turned two at the end of June. Here are a couple of pictures from his party.

I made his shirt and pants out of a very cute Japanese transportation print.

and now the after!

Our kitchen remodel took an amazing 38 days from start to finish (that includes weekends!)  This is pretty amazing considering some of the stories I have heard about it taking months and months and because it was a complete gut!

The finished product

This was our first major home renovation project and I learned a lot going through the process.  It was challenging enough to make all of the decisions about one room, I don’t think I could ever build a custom home, because I would not be able to make the decisions about design, lighting, floring, etc. for an entire home.

I wanted a slate floor, but my contractor convinced me this porcelain tile that looked like slate was more durable and easier to care for.  I also wanted Carrara marble and was told it was too difficult to care for with small children, so we went with a white and gray granite (cashmere white.)

We chose white shaker style cabinets.  The one thing I changed my mind on after the installation, was the flat front drawers – I think it is too plain, so we reordered shaker style drawer fronts that will be installed in a few weeks along with the cup pull hardware (which is why the drawers are missing their hardware in the photo.)

I love my white cast iron enamel Kohler apron front “farm sink.”

My contractor also suggested doing the window ledges in granite and I love it!

We choose a simple white subway tile backsplash with a dove gray grout.  I LOVE my new 6 burner 36″  pro- range.  Notice it even has a window with a light!  After cooking on a  cheap electric range for a year, I am so happy to have gas again!

The window seat is already a favorite!  We are planning on having a table made to fit in the eat in space, using the bench as part of the seating.  I wanted a TV in the kitchen, so Patrick bought the biggest one possible for the space.







The wine cabinet sits where a big butcher block and our trash cans were.  Our trash cans are now hidden in the island –  another favorite feature!

Our fridge and microwave are where the old built-in used to be.  We were also able to gain about 16″ of space by moving the wall back, which really made the kitchen feel bigger.  The cabinet on the left is a pantry with pull-outs and under microwave is a little catch-all space.  The DVD and cable box are hidden in the cabinet above the microwave.

The view from when you enter from the mud-room.  I love the school-house pendants we got from Rejuvenation. They are period appropriate to when the house was built in the 30’s.  We painted the walls a light gray called Icicle from Sherwin-Williams.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, but better yet please come visit it in person!

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