easy homemade cards

I started to make my own cards because my husband was always complaining about how much cards cost.  And he is right, the truly beautiful cards can cost $5-$8.  I am not saying they are not worth the money, it is just that it can be fun and easy to make cute personalized cards for way less than $1 each.

These are the most recent ones I made, by simply cutting out pages from old “learning to read” books.  I thought they were charming and I simply used a glue stick to adhere the page to the front of a card. (The gluing is a great step that kids can help with.) Any old storybooks would work for images.  Used children’s books can be very inexpensive  and frequently are scribbled on or damaged, justifying the need to re-purpose them.  Paper Source makes lovely affordable blank cards and envelopes in a rainbow of colors and shapes. I purchased this huge pack of flat cards at Michaels.

Bridget received a beautiful homemade birthday card that my sister-in-law made in a similar manner and it really stood out among the other cards she received.

Having a special place to make and write cards also makes it extra enjoyable.  This old writing desk belonged to my great-grandmother. I love that I can just close it up and hide my mess (it lives in our main living/family room).  My kids call it my “special desk” and they know not to touch it. I also LOVE George Washington. . .

Along the lines of paper crafting, I recently discovered an activity that can keep my daughter busy for hours.  Pretty paper, scissors, and a hole punch.  She busied herself making bracelets, by cutting out shapes, punching holes in them and stringing them together.  Sometimes a catalog and scissors can do the trick.  She loves to cut out all of the pictures of the toys from the Oriental Trading Company catalog!


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