Flag Fun

Everything is in bloom and it is so beautiful!  Here is a  fun, easy, quick craft you can do during an April Shower.

Party flags

I made these originally to help decorate for my son’s first birthday party, but have since made several versions.  Some for a bridal shower, some for playroom decorations and I am currently making Easter flags to hang up Easter morning.  There are several ways to make these.

  1. Make a triangle template to use.  I make mine out of felt so it is very durable, but any paper or cardboard would work. The dimensions of my template are 7-1/2″ across the top of the triangle and 9″ long from the top to the point.
  2. Cut out your flags out of various fun printed fabric (the quilting cotton section of the fabric store is a great place to find inexpensive cute prints).  This is also a great project to use larger scraps.  I find 3-5 different fabrics work well, but you could also just use two fabrics and alternate them for a more simple look.
  3. I use pinking shears and cut out the triangles two at a time (wrong sides together).  You can  use regular scissors, and cut them out right sides together if you want a more finished look.
  4. If you cut them out as I did with the right side out (wrong sides together), sew all the way around the two triangles, attaching them together.  If you chose to cut them out right sides together, leave an opening at the top so that you can turn them right-side out.  Your finished product would look like these on Etsy.
  5. You can also use pinking shears, cut the flags out individually, and not sew the triangles all.  If you choose to do this, the flags will be one sided, which work fine if hung against a wall, but would not be the prettiest if they were hung so you could see both sides.  I used this technique when I was in a big hurry and just using them for a one-time party decoration.
  6. After your flags are all assembled you need to string them together.  I usually use extra wide double fold bias tape to “string” the flags.  I sandwich nine flags in between the fold and use a straight stitch to attach them. Remember to leave room at the ends to tie the flags.
  7. If you want to make a longer strand of flags, as I did in the picture above, I buy a spool of grosgrain ribbon and add flags until it is the length I desire.

These are some I made for our basement playroom








These are some I made for a shower and added felt letters










and here are my kids after their first trip to Disney World last week


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