Fairy House

I came across this idea for a fairy house in the publication “MomSense” that I receive by being part of a MOPs group.

The short instructions are:  Hot glue bark to an empty oatmeal container.

Step 1 is to collect the bark.  It is really fun to take walks with your kids and look for “signs of spring” such as crocuses, daffodils or new green growth anywhere.  Don’t take bark off of trees as that damages them, but collect bark that has already fallen off.  We let our bark dry out inside for several days.

Step 2 is to cut an opening for a door in your container.  We used an oatmeal canister, but any box would work fine.

Step 3 is to hot glue the bark onto the container.  It takes some finesse to find the right pieces to fit your container, especially if it is round, so collect more bark than you will need and collect different kinds of bark.

The hilarious thing that happened when we were making ours is that we found a pill bug on a piece of our bark (we call them roly-poly bugs).  Bridget got so interested in her bug, that she did not want to help glue the bark on the container.  She went and found her bug box and then busied herself making a home for her “new pet.”.  She looked over at me working on the fairy house and said, “you are doing a great job, mom.”

After I was satisfied with the amount of bark on our house, I let Bridget brush glue onto the bark and sprinkle it with glitter (fairy dust) so that a fairy might come and live in our home.

The next day while she was at school.  I got out a playmobil fairy that I had gotten for a few dollars at Tuesday Morning for my gift stash, and she moved in.

The plastic tree and mushroom sticking out of the house are just random cupcake toppers we had lying around.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andrea
    Mar 19, 2011 @ 08:47:02

    Super cute. I especially like the pil bug.


  2. debdunlevy
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 21:57:49

    That is completely adorable. We will definitely be trying that some time.


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