clothespin dolls

Bridget found some clothespins I had recently bought and wanted to do a craft with them.  I bought them specifically to make clothespin dolls.  This is not that different from the princess wooden spoon, but just as much fun and you can make an entire family!

The directions and inspiration was from the book Green Crafts For Children.

Bridget enjoyed drawing the faces on the dolls

After drawing faces with markers, we cut strips of fabric for dresses and used yard to wrap around to secure the dress and make a top.  We used a dab of hot glue to secure the yarn.  We then made yarn hair and used hot glue to secure.  For the boys, the instructions call to wrap the “legs” with yarn, but that takes a little time and I had to do it.  We found we could color the legs with markers to make pants for two of our boy dolls.  You could also use paint, but I did not feel like a paint mess that afternoon.

We also snacked on this delicious mix:

  • 1 part pistachios (we like Trader Joe’s dry roasted/salted nutmeats)
  • 1 part mini chocolate chips (we had these left over from our walrus cupcakes)
  • 1 part raisins (cranberries or cherries would be yummy too!) our family: daddy (it was B’s idea to make a tie for him),  mom, Bridget, Paddy, Gaga and Papa

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