Princess Spoon

My daughter is a very crafty girl.  Most days she says, “let’s make a craft!”  She told me that her teacher calls her “craft girl” at school.  I try to keep simple, inexpensive ready-made craft kits on hand for days when my creative juices aren’t flowing. 

However, I am currently all out of craft kits, so I said “let’s go look in our craft room and see what we can find.”  Somedays half the fun is selecting a craft to do.  We have a rather large mudroom that we use as a craft space for the kids. 

I broke out our “I can cut and stick” book in search of ideas and found the page where you take a wooden spoon and turn it into a princess. 

It met our qualifications of being simple and we have all the supplies on hand.

  • We simply painted one side of an extra wooden spoon.
  • We then cut yard for hair (Bridget loves to cut anything) and of course we used red yarn
  • We then hot glued the hair on (the book calls for regular glue, but hot glue sticks better and dries quickly)
  • Bridget glued sequences on a doily for the crown
  • We drew on a face and added googly eyes (another favorite craft item)
  • We then simply wrapped the handle of the spoon with fabric and secured with a rubber band and tied a tulle bow around it to hide the rubber band.

You could make several of these and use as puppets.  Bridget also suggested we make a pirate spoon next time. . .Finished princess spoon


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. BecB
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 22:20:14

    How wonderful!! I dream of my baby girl being that into crafts. I LOVE doing kids crafts. It looks like so much fun! 🙂


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