House Pouch

I finished the little house pouch purse for my niece today.  Another present that is going to Argentina with my mom on Sunday.  The pattern and instructions can be found here from the long thread.  This is my third one that I have made.  The instructions are great, and I pretty much follow them exactly, but I have made a few of my own tweaks.  I added the strap to the back, making it more of a little girl’s purse. 

To add a strap, simply pin it behind the roof piece in step 7, before you sew it all up.   I also added a little button embellishment on the back. 

I love this project because it can be done in one night or easily broken up over a week (which is how I like to do it).  It also is a great one to use up any cute scraps you have lying around.  I used wool felt for the door, windows and flowers, which worked well. This is the one I made for my daughter and gave it to her the day we closed on our new home. 

A little info about where I sew:  The lovely thing about moving from a larger more expensive city to a smaller more affordable one is that you can get a larger home for less money.  This has resulted in me having a room all to my own.  We have only been in our home 4 months, so the room is not pretty yet, but it is amazing to have my own space to sew in, even if it is on top of an inexpensive fold up table from Wal-Mart.

I sew on a Brother Innov-is 40 Project Runway edition.  Like most hobbies, the equipment you have makes a difference.  This is a great machine that while not cheap, is not over the top expensive either, and I love that is pink.   I previously was sewing on an old Kenmore from the 70’s.  Old machines are great if they work, but when mine started to go, I found it was not that much more money to replace it and having to only press one button to make a button hole makes all of the difference to me!

Another thing I bought for myself was personalized embroidered tags to put on the things I make.  I bought mine from namemaker where they are loomed in Europe. 


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  1. Odessa
    Jan 21, 2011 @ 22:54:20

    Hi Leah! Love your crafts and seeing your sewing room. I haven’t set up my room much either since we’ve moved. Now you’ve inspired me to unpack my sewing machine!


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